April 2020 Week 1: Venture Capital Series C Funding Opportunities

To get reports like these, set up a Google Alert with the topic “venture capital series c funding.”

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  • What is Venture Capital Investment?
    Even if the company is still a concept, venture capital investment can … Series C funding round involves successful companies looking for more funds.

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Startups to Watch: Fast Raised $20M in a Series A Round

Fast develops a SaaS-based platform that offers one-click sign-in and purchasing solutions for the E-commerce industry‌. For more info read FinSMEs article “Fast Raises $20M in Series A Funding.

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Executive Jobs: Big Tech Future Looks Promising

While many industries are being hit hard by the current health and economic crisis, remote technology is seeing increased demand in cloud computing, video streaming sites, apps and online collaboration platforms. What will the future of tech industry hold? Read on in AngelList’s weekly newsletter titled “Big Tech Could Emerge Stronger from COVID-19.”

More Venture Capital Series C Funding Opportunities

A few more Series C VC listings for you! (To get reports like these, set up a Google Alert with the topic “venture capital series c funding.”)

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2020 Private Equity Firms That Exited Portfolio Companies at Peak

Private Equity Info takes a “look at private equity firms that exited portfolio companies in January and February (and a few in the first part of March) of 2020, just prior to the onslaught of the Coronavirus.” Read “Private Equity Firms with Good Timing” for a list of 7 PE firms with 2 exits and 79 with 1 exit in before the 2020 recession.

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How Company Executives Can Stem Fears and Job Losses During a Pandemic

These are challenging times for corporate execs, but “those who manage the economic effects of this crisis in a clear and compassionate way create more value for their companies and will come out of this pandemic stronger than ever before. So before announcing deep layoffs, we recommend that you consider these measures first.” Read on in HBR’s article, “The Coronavirus Crisis Doesn’t Have to Lead to Layoffs.

Venture Capital Series C Funding Opportunities

Below are several current Series C VC listings. To get reports like these, set up a Google Alert with the topic “venture capital series c funding.”

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Executive Remote Work: Check Out AngelList’s Job Boards

AngelList has a job board with many C-suite and SVP positions, plus active recruiting for execs willing to work remotely. Per AngelList: “For job-seekers, our job search tools (as always) are free, with 18K remote jobs and 3K fully remote teams actively recruiting on the platform.”

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Executives: There Are Private Equity Opportunities in Telehealth

Attention, executives in transition: Telehealth and telemedicine are growing industries that may need your help right now! According to Private Equity Info, “Companies offering telehealth services not only have the ability to help in a crisis, they will likely experience significant increased demand from the recent coronavirus outbreak. Our M&A Research Database is currently tracking 25 private equity-backed portfolio companies offering telehealth services.”

Executive Career Services: Resume Writer vs. Career Coach

I am thrilled to have my colleague Lisa Lewis write this guest post. She specializes in helping executives with Career Clarity and in this article, she will walk you through how to determine when to hire a resume writer vs. a career coach.

Guest Post by Lisa Lewis

Do I Need a Resume Writer or a Career Coach?

Executive Career Services: Resume Writer vs. Career CoachWant to land a job at a fabulous company where you’re paid well and have an impressive title?

One of the keys to getting an amazing job offer is having a perfectly polished resume that shows you’re a great fit for the role.

When it’s obvious on paper that you’re a beautiful fit, it’s easy for the hiring manager to make the case to give you a generous salary. 

However, creating a killer resume that earns you high-paying offers isn’t as simple as it seems. Tailoring your resume to the exact role, industry, and organization is a critically important step for your success. 

Want to craft the winning resume? Here are some questions to help you decide if you need to work with a professional resume writer, or if you need to start with a career coach instead. 

You’re Unsure of Your Next Ideal Role

If you have no idea what your next ideal next role could be… work with a career coach.

If you’ve been climbing up the corporate ladder but you’re bored, tired, or ready to shake things up, it may be time to speak with a career coach to help you get more clarity. If you’ve ever described yourself as “needing help figuring out what you want to be when you grow up,” or know you definitely don’t want your boss’ job but aren’t sure what you *do* want, career coaches are better positioned to help you evaluate the full employment landscape and see all the available possibilities for you to pivot into. When working with a talented resume writer, they create a completely different profile for you if you’re making a switch in your career path rather than if you’re continuing on a similar path — so making the investment into resume writing before you’ve made a decision on your direction might mean you don’t get the ROI you were looking for. If you aren’t certain where your next job could be, invest in working with a career coach to go through a holistic process to identify the best fit intersection between your strengths, interest, personality, and lifestyle needs using personality assessments, opportunity brainstorming, and visioning exercises. 

(Want to learn more about these four intersecting features of your next job? Check out the eBook, The Roadmap to Career Fulfillment!) 

You Need Help Visualizing Your Goals

If you know the kind of role you want next, and need help crystallizing your goals and positioning yourself to get it… work with a resume writer.

Resume writers are brilliant at pulling out the most relevant parts of your past work experiences and matching them up to the kinds of roles you want to step into next, helping to stretch you and allow you to grow. They can help you find the diamonds in the rough from your past, and feature them prominently in your candidate profile so that future employers start drooling over you and can’t wait to give you an interview. There’s a true art to looking at a job posting and being able to display your most important and similar accomplishments — and it’s an art which varies wildly depending on the type of role you’re aiming for. 

You’re Unsure If You Qualify for the Position You Want

If you aren’t sure you have relevant experience to apply for the roles you want… work with a career coach. 

Career coaches – particularly ones that focus on supporting people in transitions – have a gift for helping you think about ways to bridge experience gaps on your resume before you start applying for new roles. While a resume writer can make your existing experiences sparkle and shine, they need you to have the experience so they can effectively position it. Career coaches can help you brainstorm creative ways to get those relevant experiences on the side of your current role, so a future employer will be thrilled with all your growing expertise beyond your job. Employers aren’t interested in you as a candidate if you’re applying for roles in fields where you can’t prove you have knowledge or skills — you’re too risky for them to take a chance on. Career coaches help you strategize about minimizing that risk and getting more tangible experiences to help you make your next steps.  

You Need Help Realizing Your Accomplishments

If you need help making your work sound like powerful accomplishments instead of standard job duties… work with a resume writer.

When we reflect on the tasks we did in any given job, it’s easy to get mired in the details and minutiae of the day-to-day. Resume writers have a gifting for taking your career goals, seeing the bigger picture opportunities for you, and helping you elevate your work experience into language that’s appropriate for more senior hires. If you’re great at speaking about your work history but can’t seem to translate it to your CV, resume writers can help you get ideas out of your head and down on paper. Resume writers also have loads of experience in how to visually differentiate mid-level and senior-level hires on paper, and know lots of formatting and styling tricks that make a huge difference (and can dramatically increase your starting offers). Most career coaches don’t have nearly the depth or capability in branding and marketing you as resume writers. So if you’ve got it, a resume writer will help you flaunt it! 

Investing in getting support to make your next career move is a great idea, and these guidelines can offer specific direction on what kind of professional service to pursue in to get the best return on your investment. Good luck moving forward on identifying your next move and crafting the perfect resume!

Lisa Lewis is a career change expert and creator of the Career Clarity method of finding more fulfillment and joy at work. Don’t love your job? We should talk. Learn more at GetCareerClarity.com or check out The Career Clarity Show podcast on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, and Google Play.

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