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Executive Jobs to Be Found in the Booming Wellness Industry

If you are targeting growing industries as part of your next executive transition, you may be interested in this article on the booming wellness industry that includes spa economy, workplace wellness, fitness, apparel, organics, and beauty products.

These 10 market trends turned wellness into a $4.2 trillion global industry

If you want help tapping into this multi-trillion-dollar market – check out my hidden job market brief for executives.

Executive Leadership: 9 Key Characteristics of Trusted Industry Leaders

This is a MUST READ for all C-level leaders. It resonated with me deeply, because I learned a long time ago that the foundation of all interviews is the opportunity to engender trust in a small window of time. Read the full article, “Why Jonathan Thurston is One of the Most Trusted Leaders,” by personal branding coach, Jane Anderson.

Fastest Growing Industries in the US

A nice slide show by Motley Fool shows some fantastic growth in the US across industries including specialized freight, real estate, construction, direct selling, local services, beverage manufacturing and building products, just to name a few. See the entire list and details here:

America’s 10 Fastest-Growing Industries

And if you are ready to learn how other top executives stay in the driver’s seat during their career transitions and cherry pick the opportunities they wish to vet, then check out my Hidden Job Market Strategies for VP and C-Suite Executives.

Mary Elizabeth Bradford, CARW, MCDMary Elizabeth Bradford and her elite team of award-winning, top certified executive resume writers and former top executive recruiters and global HR executives help many of the world’s premier CxO’s and thought leaders secure the transitions and compensation packages they want. Would you like to discuss your executive level transition and explore your options? Book a complimentary, confidential discovery call now.


Executive Resume Writing Services—Know This Before You Hire One

Executive Resume Writing Services—Know This Before You Hire One

A good Executive Resume Writing firm can help you with your career transition in multiple ways that can be truly life-changing. By writing your executive resume to the role you want, the firm can help you to achieve your goals, which may include a higher title; a move to a bigger or better company; increasing your overall compensation; or all of these and more.

More specifically, by writing a resume “up” to your next role, an Executive Resume Writing firm helps you to create a powerful draw—helping the readers of your executive resume understand your specific value proposition for the role you want. This, in turn, sets a mental marker in their mind that attaches your abilities to the skills and requirements of the up-leveled title you want. This has a very natural ripple effect—it’s very typical for my clients to land much more money and a much higher title, secure more interest and more interviews, and have generally more leverage in the market. All these things happen rather naturally when the foundation of your goals is well mapped out; and your marketing materials—your executive resume, executive biography, and LinkedIn profile—are clearly written to the role you want next.

Problems with poor marketing messages

Have you ever had recruiters reach out to you through LinkedIn  for roles that were just at or slightly under your capabilities (I wrote here previously about LinkedIn for executives)? This is simply a marketing / perception issue, and a good resume writer with a strong marketing orientation can quickly and easily solve this for you by redesigning and rebranding your executive LinkedIn profile and your executive resume. This is specifically achieved via your Executive Resume Writer’s leading you to focus on contextualizing your preferred outcome and then working backwards—which includes getting a good sense of the keyword patterns in the roles to which you are most attracted. When you are vetting potential Executive Resume writing firms, be sure to ask them about their process and their philosophy of resume writing, and how they plan to market you. Hopefully, you hear from them a similar approach.

Setting realistic expectations of your resume writing team

Setting expectations is another key area you want to explore. It is imperative that you go into an executive resume writing partnership with a grounded and realistic understanding of both the services and the deliverables, and that you are prepared to participate and partner with the firm to achieve success.

This includes an openness to work on details of your executive career track, to define impact and metrics; participation during the editing process; and an openness or willingness to embrace transitional strategies that could accelerate your results. An unwillingness to participate actively in any of these things; or a general expectation that you are “paying” for everything to be done for you; could negatively impact your results.

The truth is that the success these partnerships’ success equally depends on you; and is in fact, largely what you make it. Thus, understanding the rather large “performance management” component of a partnership between you and a career services firm—it’s safe to say that a positive attitude is everything. And, in fact, a negative attitude can completely hinder the success and progress of an individual—no matter how good the firm or writer helping you is.

As an example: When I have, in the past, hired business coaches or various experts, I may have gotten only one or two key points from our meetings. However, those one or two key points typically either became very important puzzle pieces to increasing my efficiencies or helped in growing my overall business. I didn’t disparage those encounters for not delivering on every question or challenge I brought to the table; I focused rather on the tenfold ROI that the one or two points on which they really delivered, benefited me. I went in with an open mind. What I learned made me better and made my company better; and that is valuable!

Setting realistic expectations of how long your job search will take

I greatly cherish and am inspired by all of the ongoing testimonials I receive from my clients. I think it shows a consistency of success from which I, too, learn as I continue to grow in my expertise and abilities. We never stop learning!

Within these testimonials, an important distinction is that some of these client’s career transitions took longer than others. Most of my clients make their transitions (anecdotally speaking) in just a few months, and that is at the C-level—which I think is extraordinary compared to the market statistics which are usually somewhere between 12 to 14 months for executives. Some transitions take longer and some searches are a little more challenging (changing industries); this can be for a multitude of reasons having to do with factors that span across industry health/future economic outlook, client qualifications, complexity of goals; and even time of year and time available for client to invest in their job transition. I try to help all of my clients pre-plan and map out their next moves in a realistic way, because all of these aforementioned factors have one thing in common: They are all outside of my personal control.

What I can control, though, is on what I focus to empower my clients. In addition to contextualizing goals, I am there for the occasional issue, and willing to help with any client transitions that don’t go 100% smoothly—as long as I have a willing and positive partner client. This is where the rubber meets the road; and to me, when I find a consultant or a company that is willing to stick it out with me to tackle challenges or address issues in a quick, straightforward way—this is a value trait I honor and respect. Often, these are my closest advisors and most preferred vendors.

I hope this rather vulnerable perspective helps you as you form your expectations of Executive Resume writing services or similar career resources.

Mary Elizabeth Bradford, CARW, MCDMary Elizabeth Bradford and her elite team of award-winning, top certified executive resume writers and former top executive recruiters and global HR executives help many of the world’s premier CxO’s and thought leaders secure the transitions and compensation packages they want. Would you like to discuss your executive level transition and explore your options? Book a complimentary, confidential discovery call now.


On Forbes: Key Marketing Elements of the Most Powerful CEO Resumes

On Forbes: Key Marketing Elements of the Most Powerful CEO ResumesIn my latest article on Forbes, I take a sample CEO resume and show you how to communicate key points to your audience fluidly and effectively – both at the cursory glance and in the deeper read.

Click here to read more, plus check out the other articles I’ve contributed as a Forbes Coaches Council author.

CEO Resume Samples: 3 Things to Look For in a Results-Producing CEO Resume

Is it time to dust off your CEO resume? If you are being recruited or ready to vet a new CEO position or wishing to step into your first CEO role – your executive resume is the foundation for your audiences first perception of you. You know how first perceptions are – once they are “set” it’s very hard to move the needle – so your executive resume has a tremendous amount of power to create the impression you want.

But not all CEO resumes are the same. A resume should be and can be so much more than a historical narrative of where you have been. The spirit of this same approach is one where you think, “if I just list all the amazing responsibilities I have had, I just KNOW someone is going to read them and find the perfect role for me.” This thought process puts the power in the hands of the reader. A much better approach is the value-driven approach. A CEO resume that says “I know who I am and where I am going” serves to engender the trust of strangers MUCH faster than the former approach.

This article here shows a few CEO resume samples that really work to translate leadership and value – in a matter of seconds – because at the cursory glance that is all you have.

There are three running themes you will see in the CEO Resume Samples article above. The first is a clear definition of what the executive is going for in terms of title, company size and industry, or some other key indicator such as PE-Backed Companies or Fortune 500 Companies. The reason this is so important has to do with the way people absorb information at the glance. If you are respectful enough to your reader to give them the “table of contents” before “chapter one” then you have effectively given your reader the key points they need to know foundationally before they can adequately dive in – either details of your abilities, accomplishments, or soft skills.

The second running theme in a CEO Resume that is both effective and produces results is a focus on the metrics. People can only care how or what you do after they have been given the opportunity to understand what happens when you do it. So, we begin the conversation by focusing on your metric-driven results FIRST and then explain briefly how, what, or why. Bullets that begin with results and summary statements that showcase your core accomplishments in a professional narrative show you understand what the emphasis has to be on first to establish trust, respect, and credibility; and it does indeed most quickly engender trust with your audience. If there is any one area where we need to communicate results fluently and clearly, it’s in your executive resume!

The third running theme is a visually well put together resume. As your audience’s eye draws down through the document, what you have bolded or put in another color captures first look, so use these differentiators wisely so that your core bits of information (where, when, over what geography, company size, P&L, how many employees, and core accomplishments) are looked at first. Additionally, graphs and charts used with moderation appeal to the visual executive and keep the reader on the page longer. Many studies have been done that demonstrate a visually appealing document commands a longer look and leaves a more favorable first impression – critical when expressing in written form your CEO executive candidacy.

If the thought of writing your resume yourself as distasteful and you wish to hire an executive resume writer to do it for you, this article covers some tips to vet top CEO Resume Writers. Additionally, this article here can help you with CEO job search strategies you may not know about.

Mary Elizabeth Bradford, CARW, MCDMary Elizabeth Bradford and her elite team of award-winning, top certified executive resume writers and former top executive recruiters and global HR executives help many of the world’s premier CxO’s and thought leaders secure the transitions and compensation packages they want. Would you like to discuss your executive level transition and explore your options? Book a complimentary, confidential discovery call now.

Real Estate Unicorns + More Hot Startups

Check out these burgeoning RE tech companies and 30 HOT new startups that are growing too.

Growth Industries – Self Storage

I like this piece from Seeking Alpha on one of the fastest growing (yet less talked about) industries: self storage. Read more about it in their article, “Extra Space Storage, Inc.: Boring Business Delivering Exciting Returns.”

A Look at the Top 5 Fastest Growing Industries of 2018

Cybersecurity, AI, and my personal favorite, alternative energy. Some very interesting information here from World Finance on today’s fastest growing industries. Read “Top 5 of the fastest-growing industries in the world.”

2018 TORI’s Are Here!

It’s time for the 2018 TORI Awards, the resume writing industry’s most prestigious resume writing competition. I am excited to be a top-tier judge for the second year in a row. Thank you Career Directors International!

View past TORI Award winners and their award-winning resumes here.

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