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Mary Elizabeth Bradford, CERM, CMRW+EE, CARW, MCD, NCOPE
Top Executive Resume Writer / C-Level Executive Resume Writer

Voted FORBES Top 100 Career Website. The #1 online source for multi-6 and 7-figure executives worldwide since 2008.
TRIPLE-certified, 8X award-winning executive resume writer, LinkedIn profile expert, former executive recruiter and recruiting firm owner/operator, and FORBES Coaches Council Member.
2x TORI award winner (Career Directors International) including Best Executive Resume + 4x TORI nominee. Appointed as a 2017-2021 TORI Judge.
Trusted by Board of Directors, CAOs, CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CMOs, CDOs, CSOs, CROs, CIOs, CTOs, CISOs, SVPs, VPs and Directors in the US and globally since 2008.
Referred by top global recruiting firms as a trusted executive resume writer for their most elite candidates.
As seen and heard on Forbes, MSN, WSJ, NBC, Glassdoor, Inc., Business Insider, and CareerBuilder.
Industry thought leader: Creator of award-winning career products licensed to top executive resume writers worldwide.

I established in 2008. Acting as Executive Director, I lead a small, elite team of TORI-award-winning and CMRW/CERW-certified executive resume writers and coaches. Today we are known as one of the top boutique resume writing firms in the world, exclusively serving VP to CxO clients across the globe.

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Do you, like so many other CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CIOs, CDOs, and CTOs, struggle with the following:

I am an Internationally Certified Master Resume Writer, Advanced Resume Writer, award-winning Job Search Coach, and top-selling author of career books and guides. Formerly, I was the President of The LYNN Group, a highly successful executive recruiting firm. I would like to show you how a small investment in yourself and your career can result in landing quality interviews, formidable salary increases, bigger and better titles, and more fulfilling job roles.

"As President of the professional association, Career Directors International, I have had the opportunity to get to know member, conference speaker, and committee volunteer, Mary Elizabeth. She has consistently impressed me her cutting edge strategies for career success, and her willingness to help others succeed."

- Laura DeCarlo, Executive Director & President

"The new company matched my base and bonus. Add-ons included a strong sign-on bonus (to offset walking away from my bonus), car allowance, and a 5x increase in equity (in the millions in current market value – which is many times greater than my current package). I am going from a $500M revenue company to a $1B+ revenue organization, with strong investors and a track record of growth and profitability...I think I interviewed with 9 people over several months, and got nothing but compliments on the resume. Overall, it's going to give me experience at $1B+ scale, and a chance to pick up some general management experience that will hopefully help me pivot to a COO or president type role in the future."

- Fergie T., Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

"Mary Elizabeth, using the executive resume you designed for me, I went from a SVP of Operations to landing a COO role with a premier, $2B+ specialty food company. I also secured a $100k+ salary increase and an amazing benefit package. This position is located in one of the most beautiful parts of the US and my wife and I couldn't be happier. I have been referring you to others every chance I get!"

- Darren T., Chief Operating Officer

"I was having a tough time landing interviews for posted jobs at the VP- and C-level in Silicon Valley, California. Since I was a career technologist with a couple of home-run hits, I was flabbergasted ... till I read Mary Elizabeth Bradford's book titled The NEW Executive Job Search. Her examples of what to expect using the classic methods of finding a job matched my experience 100%. Then, Mary Elizabeth and her colleagues rewrote my resume following their process. The feedback from my colleagues and potential employers was amazing: we went from "nice resume" to "fantastic format and what an amazing resume." I landed a dream job at nearly $400k, a 30% premium over my previous jobs. In addition, I received a healthy chunk of stock options that could provide another life-changing experience. Thank you, Mary Elizabeth, for reawakening my confidence and showing me the way."

- Harold Y., Chief Technology Officer

"A resume represents that critical outer layer of professional 'packaging' around one's career. Having a professionally designed executive resume provided me with the added confidence of having a solid document that accurately communicates my true value to an organization. Having this polished ammunition gave me great peace of mind during my confidential search process. Within 6 months of vetting opportunities, I landed a great executive role in an outstanding Fortune 250 company, with a 40% increase in compensation. Dream job: check. Compensation: check. The unlimited opportunity that lies ahead: priceless."

- Martha B., Senior Vice President, Fortune 250 Technology Corporation

"As a VIP Platinum client I received excellent support during my transition and secured a higher title with a fast growth company with a very bright future, a $65k increase in compensation with significant bonus potential. I felt incredibly prepared during the negations and this all happened within 90 days – thank you! I was also able to successfully transition out of the industry I was in, which was another goal of mine."

- Chris F., Chief Operating Officer

"I had been sending my resume out with ZERO response for 6 months before you 'talked me into' investing in your professional resume package. In the first week of submitting my new resume to the SAME companies I had previously sent my resume to – I landed 3 interviews and I presently have an offer on the table for nearly double my previous salary. That is a $70,000 pay increase and 5000% ROI on my investment in myself and my career. Awesome!"

- Russel B., Construction Executive, Nashville, TN

"After working with Mary Elizabeth, I secured a position that met my goals and increased my bonus structure over 80%. Mary Elizabeth is not only an expert career coach, she is also a person with high integrity, compassion and very motivational.”

- Charles K., Chief Financial Officer, St. Louis, MO

Not only did Mary Elizabeth design a resume for me that has landed me multiple interviews for C-level positions, in my most recent position her negotiation techniques helped me secure substantially MORE than what was originally offered!"

- John K., Chief Operating Officer, Toronto, Canada

Why do professionals hire Mary Elizabeth?

Mary Elizabeth Bradford is one of the top CxO executive resume writers in the world, acknowledged authority and 15+-year veteran of the career-services industry including serving as past President of a top boutique executive search firm. She possesses the highest international industry certifications available: Internationally Certified Advanced Resume Writer, Master Career Director, Certified Executive Resume Master, and Certified Master Resume Writer. Top awards include Forbes Top 100 Career Website, CDI Career Innovator Award and CDIs Highest distinction, The Lifetime Achievement Award.

The Most Elite Industry Certifications » Internationally Certified Master Resume Writer and Executive Editor; one of only 36 elite resume writers in the world (CMRW+EE) plus the first resume writer ever to hold the Executive Editor credential, Certified Master Career Director (MCD), Certified International Advanced Resume Writer (CARW), Certified Executive Resume Master (CERM) (Career Directors International), and Nationally Certified Online Profile Expert (NCOPE).
Published by Nationally Recognized Media Outlets » Seen and heard in Forbes, NBC, PBS, The Wall Street Journal, Time,BusinesWeek, US Business Journal, Glassdoor, Readers Digest, Netshare, JobDig, and more.
Recognized Industry Leader » Active committee member, advisor and judging panel member of one of the industry's top professional associations, Career Directors International. Consortium Associate with Career Thought Leaders.
Trusted Web-Based Business Provider » of quality "virtual" CxO resumes and exechutive career services to US and internationally-based top executive clients since 1998.
Award-Winning Executive Career Expert » Recipient of Career Directors International's Master Career Professional Lifetime Achievement Award and The CDI Career Innovator Award.
Premier U.S. Executive Job Search Coach » One of the leading job search coaches in the US, Mary Elizabeth has successfully coached $250K to $1M executives through their entire job search. Completed over 7,000 hours of virtual coaching with US and global CxOs.
Author » Creator of the e-book series, The Career Artisan Series - Guide for the Perplexed, which includes: The 21st Century Resume, The 21st Century Job Search, Phone Networking Secrets, Interview Follow Up, and The Hidden Job Market.

Inspiring your success,

Mary Elizabeth