Small Business Coach Sandy Martini has a GREAT blog post here which details her list of things she is “letting go of” in 2009. She “warns” her list isn’t for the faint of heart. Here are the highlights:




  • Vendors who don’t meet the terms of our agreement (they’ve been fired)
  • Clients who want everything and yet implement nothing (yes, I’ve let a few go)
  • Biz owners who fail to recognize the importance of building relationships and being authentic (we can tell when you’re being inauthentic, REALLY!)
  • Companies who don’t know the meaning of customer service or who retain employees who don’t believe in it (I’m boycotting)
  • Negative Nellies (I wish them well and would gleefully welcome them back into my life if they could display some optimism)
  • Voicemail messages with no contact info, no real message (just “call me”) and no good time to return the call (do everyone a favor, leave a detailed message with your phone or email so we can actually get back to you)
  • Ditto incoming faxes with no return contact info (DUH!)
  • Sales letters which promise the world and don’t even deliver a county (we’re back to being authentic)
  • “No shows” who schedule a call and don’t call or reschedule (this one shows absolutely no respect for the person being called)

I love Sandy’s list. I have a similar one. The longer I am in business for myself the more I learn that there is no one to BLAME but myself because I am the Captain of this ship – in charge and fully responsible of all the rules, boundaries and relationships.

And speaking from experieince what and who I “let in” does get to me, for better or for worse. So I opt for “the better” so my clients always get me at my best.

So, what are you letting go of for 2009?