A few points about this article:

-Texas employers have added nearly 146,000 jobs this year, after slashing more than 350,000 jobs last year.

-It’s also one of four states where payroll employment is expected to reach pre-crisis levels by the end of next year, Diffley said.

-The state is “No. 1 in many, many indicators,” Diffley said. “Certainly No. 1 among the largest states.”

The comments section of this article contained a swarm of negative comments. My comment? The tougher your competition the more you must commit to savvy job search methods and making sure your target goals, your marketing material and your message are top notch. A postive attitude – a focus on POSITIVE information will help you tremendously in your job search. My vantage point is an interesting one: my clients who are landing jobs follow this to a tee. Those who are “still looking” seem more inclined to adopt, focus and comment on what is negative. My question: what good does that do if it prolongs your job search? Just my personal observation. I am not saying this is true in all cases but I do see a definate trend. Take from it what you will.

You can read the article here.