Last night I hosted my December open coaching call for Job Searh Success System members. I have a great group of people who are motivated, positive and willing to shift their behaviors from job board reliance (jail) to the true freedom of learning how to go direct to employers and bypass the middle men.

 They are learning it gives them leadership and control over their job search, that it’s not hard to do, that they can use these techniques over and over again throughout their career and that tapping into the hidden job market puts them light years ahead of their competition, shortens their job search and makes jobs available to them in industries/companies that maybe they only dreamed about. Finally tapping into the hidden job market often (more often then not – in other words) lands them considerably more compensation. Yes, even in this market, it’s true.

They are quickly learning the hidden job market is not a code word for networking. Its not a code word for searches recruiters currently hold. No, the hidden job market is all about going direct.

I would like to personally congratulate my JSS members on stepping up and taking control of their job search – you guys are awesome and I so appreciate helping you. I wish all of you a very Merry and Blessed Christmas! Christ is Born!