FINALLY! I am hosting a very special call for my list titled:

Overcoming Job Search Hurdles.

Last month I received hundreds of responses to my question: what troubles you most about your job search? In this upcoming call I have been preparing to reveal to you solutions that will help you overcome your job search challenges PLUS a couple VERY special surprises including something I have been working very hard on that I am going to give to you for free.

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Your questions answered:

Are you feeling discriminated against due to your age?

Not landing any interviews – feel like there are no jobs out there?

Having a hard time conducting an effective job search while currently employed?

Is your job search dragging on forever?

Can’t find leads in the hidden job market?

Having a hard time changing industries?

Hate to network?

Depressed and demotivated?

Boy have I got some news for you…

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Can’t wait to see you on the call!

-Mary Elizabeth