I just updated my best selling eBook on Amazon: The Career Artisan Series, The 21st Century Resume. This is my step-by-step guidebook on how to write your own resume and perhaps the best part is that it comes with a link to download custom resume templates. I have just added and updated all the resume sample templates to serve the new grad resume – on up to the executive level resumes.

*Oh, and I am a multi-award winning and internationally certified advanced resume writer and career coach who has served on multiple judging panels and committees for our Gold Standard Association: Career Directors International.  J

Here are the templates:1. Professional Resume Sample Template: Universal format. 2 pages.

2. Professional Resume Sample Industry Change: Great for industry or function change. 1 page.

3. Professional Resume Sample Industry Transition:Good for industry transitions – bold crimson colors, great for more dynamic roles such as sales, marketing or other leadership positions. 2 pages.

4. Executive Resume Samples: Straightforward executive resume template – business blue inspires confidence and leadership. 2 or 3-pages.

5. Professional Resume Sample Career Change: Great for traditional or career change with areas to call out projects, awards or technical proficiencies. 2 pages.

6. Technical Resume Sample: Good resume for technical roles. 2 pages.

7. Executive Resume Sample: Good for those who have been with a single company for many years. 2 pages.

8. Professional Resume Sample: Well laid out with call out boxes for projects, special skills or awards. Cool blue – great for construction. 2 pages.

9. New Graduate Resume Sample: Perfect for the new graduate. 1 page.

10. Executive Resume Sample: Clean design and easy to read. 2 pages.


The best part? I have offered this book for nearly 18 months now for just $3.99 on Amazon! Grab your copy and your online templates here.