My friend Chris Russel – creator of the hidden jobs app (love this!) has created a brand new app that is really neat called Jobs With Friends. When I looked at the screen shot of how easy he makes it for you to connect the dots the light bulb really went off for me!

Here is the full press release:


Jobs With Friends Lets You Leverage Your Contacts to Get Hired

New Social Referral Site Shows Where Your Friends Work and What Jobs are available


NEW YORK, NY Job seekers should never job hunt alone. Studies show that people are

34 times more likely to be hired when they get a personal referral from someone who

works there. A new service from the social recruiting company, lets you

see where your Facebook friends and Linkedin connections are employed so you can

easily ask for a referral.


The free web service aptly named Jobs with Friends, is located at New users simply sync their Facebook & Linkedin connections

and the system organizes all companies in their network. You can then check for available

jobs at each firm and if you see one that’s interesting, ask that friend for a referral. They’ll

get a written request to refer you in their Facebook or Linkedin inbox. You can even upload

a resume which your friend can download & submit to their Human Resources department.

“If I’m looking for a job, I’d rather start with a tool like this”, says CareerCloud CEO Chris

Russell. “Being able to leverage one’s contacts is a much better way to look for work. Not

only will it help you get hired faster but your friend will probably get a referral bonus from

their employer. It’s a winwin.”


In addition to the social referral system the site has several other useful features;


● Invite your friends to see where their connections work

● Search your entire network by name or company

● ‘Ask what its like to work there’ message button

● Ability to hide certain friends you dont want to see

● One click research buttons to see company information on Google, Twitter, Youtube,


● Save any company, friend or job listing as a favorite

● Integration with, search all jobs and see whenever you have a

connection there from Facebook or Linkedin


The service is completely private and nothing is posted to a users account or wall.


About CareerCloud

Our mission is to connect job seekers with employers through social media tools and

mobile apps. We are building various products and services that help the job seeker find

work and the employer find talent. A full list is available at

Go social, go mobile, get hired!