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  • Niche secures $35M for school search
    Niche, a school search platform, announced this morning it has raised a $35 million Series C round of funding led by Radian Capital. The latest raise is more than triple the $9.8 million raised by Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based Niche in its Series A and B rounds combined.
  • Fintech hiring and fundraising stays strong
    The financial services industry is one of the bright spots in an otherwise gloomy environment of record unemployment and layoffs. Despite the current economic climate, companies in the financial services space are not only continuing to hire, but many are fundraising and being acquired.
  • Time to reinforce support for female founders
    Christine Tsai, CEO of 500 Startups, weighs in on why backers of female-founded startups should reinforce support for these emerging businesses amid the economic fallout of COVID-19. For female-owned companies, which already account for just a small share of funded startups, it will most likely be a struggle to access capital at a time when they need more runway.
  • All the answers are sitting in your CRM
    There’s no doubt that every sales team is scrambling. One might think the easy strategy is to focus on recession-proof industries that would hypothetically have the budget. That’s not always the case. Crunchbase sales manager Shamus Noonan shares why targeting such industries is not necessarily the silver bullet you may think it is.