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CIO Job Search: What to Ask Before Accepting the Offer

If you’re seeking a position as Chief Information Officer, here are several things you’ll want to know before you accept the job. Read on in CIO Magazine’s article, “7 Questions CIOs Should Ask Before Taking a New Job.”

Becoming CEO: The Reason CDOs Advance More Often than CIOs

Though Chief Digital Officers are less common than Chief Information Officers, CDOs are stepping into the CEO role at a much higher rate. This article from CIO Magazine, “What CDOs can teach CIOs about how to reach the CEO role,” share why that is and advice on how both titles can advance.

Executive Job Search In December? YES – You Can!

CIO just released an interesting article on what I have been saying for

years – which is December is a great time to conduct a job search! The

article gives some nice quick tips for using LinkedIn to do this. I would

add learning how to tap the hidden job market is a fantastic way to make

valuable connections and land interviews and offers during the holidays.

Read the article here.




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