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The Value Proposition Letter: How to Write the Most Powerful Cover Letters on the Planet

Would you like to learn how to write a powerful “cover letter” that gets results?

For over 10 years I have been writing crisp, concise, value proposition letters (today’s cover letter) for professionals all over the world that has helped them to secure multiple quality job interviews and offers. Many times my clients tell me their salaries increase 10k, 35k, have doubled, or more, Why? The right marketing. The right materials. Its not magic. These are people probably a lot like you.

And now, for the first time ever, I am hosting a personal coaching session to show you, step-by-step, exactly how to create your own value proposition letter.

On top of that, I am including several value proposition letter templates, a quick-start checklist and LIVE Q&A time with me to answer all of your questions and coach you personally, to make sure your value proposition letter is perfect and gets you results.

The course is 50 minutes and the investment is just $47. These sessions fill up fast and I do limit the group so sign up now to grab your virtual “seat.”

Don’t worry if you can’t be on the live call with me. I will send you everything including the call recording – all you have to do is register.

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These letters are of such critical importance and so tremendously valuable, I currently charge $297 to write value proposition letters for my clients. This is one of those topics that you learn once and benefit from over and over again.

Here is what you will learn and receive:

  • The most common cover letter mistake that leads to qualified professionals being passed over for interviews.
  • Battle-tested, step-by-step strategies to create a cover letter template that is powerful and gets results.
  • How to easily tweak your cover letter to work for networking, recruiters, human resources and decision makers.
  • A step-by-step plan to ensure your value proposition letter gets read… from beginning to end.
  • My trick for adjusting the way you see yourself and communicate your value to others; so you shift from simply telling them what it is you do, to what happens when you do it.
  • The one critical thing to leave OUT of your letter that will ensure more calls and interest.
  • A 15-point action checklist that is easy to follow and check your letters against to ensure you are creating your value proposition letters correctly for maximum impact.
  • 5 value proposition letter templates that you can glean from so you can see for yourself the subtle changes between each and what powerfully communicates branding, value and results.
  • LIVE Q&A for the last part of the call so I can personally coach you and answer your questions (this portion is BONUS for those who want to join me on the LIVE call!).
  • Extra BONUS: My bestselling e-book: The Career Artisan’s Interview Follow Up Secrets. In this guidebook I show you exactly what to do post-interview to make it to the final offers. Plus, I include a thorough troubleshooting section so you can avoid all of the typical mistakes people make, including the one where the interview ended great but no one called back – one of the most frustrating mysteries ever.

Click here to register for this session now!

Cover letters are one of the most common areas I see professionals making mistakes. This is an investment in yourself. Learning evergreen strategies (that are not going to be replaced by something new next year) once will create value for you again and again during the life of your career and will prevent avoidable mistakes that may be costing you interviews without even knowing it.

Inspiring your success,


Executive Cover Letters: 3 Secrets to Cover Letters that WIN Interviews!

Did you know that your cover letter (in the hands of a key decision maker) determines whether or not your resume gets read at all? Cover letters are so critically important to making the right first impression; you just can’t afford to go wrong here.

It can be tempting to want to skimp on really making sure your cover letter shines if you are applying for multiple jobs each week. But the good news is there are some really powerful tips I am going to share with you that will make this task efficient and highly effective! These are the same tips I apply to my clients’ cover letters – letters that secure them multiple interviews!

Here are several ways to easily get started crafting highly compelling cover letters that get great results:

Tip #1 Shorter is Better

I know a career consultant who writes cover letters for 500k+ executives who never uses more than 100 power-hitting words. I fell in love with this technique the moment I heard of it. It makes total sense! Here’s how to do it:

  • Write your letter, then come back in a couple of hours and take out all of the superfluous words and phrases you find.
  • Next, highlight all of your BEST words and phrases (you will probably have a few to add or reword at this point).
  • Finally, revisit your letter in an hour and edit any erroneous words just one more time.

Now you are left with a tight, crystal clear letter, brimming with power hitting terminology! You won’t have to do this with every cover letter you write. After you practice this technique a few times, you will quickly learn to get it right the first time!

Tip #2 Simplify Your Language

Want to know the mark of a really good cover letter? Give it to someone to read who is in another industry. If they are impressed by your accomplishments and can understand what you are communicating, this is a really good sign you have an effective letter! Specifically, your letter should be understandable by someone not directly linked to your position of interest. It should be simple and clearly outline your accomplishments.

A big mistake I often see in executive level cover letters is a string of hundred dollar words in a sentence. Check your letter and remove any strings of “eye-glazers” as I like to call them. You will be amazed how this will lighten and brighten up your letter instantly.

Tip #3 Be Focused and Clear

You must know why you are writing what you are writing. Either you are writing a general value proposition about your strengths and achievements in a particular role (CEO/COO/VP of Operations etc.) or you are responding to a job opening. In either case, you want to be completely focused on communicating your maximum value. If you shine in two key areas, write about them and remember to finish your statements with examples of results you have obtained. If you can add a % or $ to those results, that is preferable.

If you are responding to an actual job description, the most important thing you can do is highlight all of the key words and phrases in that job description that you match and parrot those key words and phrases back in your cover letter. If you have ever written a job description, you know just how maddening it is to read through a stack of cover letters that mention little, if anything that matches what you are looking for! A resume attached to a cover letter such as this rarely gets read.

Using these three simple, yet powerful tips will help increase companies’ interest in you as you confidently set the tone and pace for leadership and control – so you can secure more interviews!




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