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The Executive CMO Resume that Landed 15 Potential Job Interviews in 2 Weeks

The majority of our executive resume clients share that they are able to end their job searches soon after we create their executive resumes. Why? Well, there are three rules we always apply that benefit every one of our CXO clients:

  • The second rule is that we create visually stimulating and well-organized executive resumes that are easy to digest and provide fundamental context (scale, scope, and alignment) at the cursory glance.
  • And third, we frontload and highlight the metric-driven results you achieve vs. what you do (a weaker position). This clearly establishes your leadership in the minds of your reader.

In the example below, we applied these three principals for this Chief Marketing Officer of Fortune 500 Companies. We then added some rocket fuel to her existing search strategies by conducting an executive recruiter distribution for her, while introducing her to executive recruiters in her area of expertise.

CMO Executive Resume Sample

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Recently this client wrote us to apprise us of her progress. In her email, she states she landed 15 solid recruiter conversations and interviews for potential opportunities. She added that she felt the branding and packaging were incredibly well-received.

I confess — marketing executives are our TOUGHEST clients because after all — we both do the same things! This makes me especially proud and pleased for this outstanding Fortune 500 executive. This serves as a good benchmark for the kinds of results that can be fluidly achieved for C-Level executives if they have these following things in place: a clear focus of direction, expertly written and designed marketing collateral, and 2 or 3 C-level job search strategies. If you want to explore these strategies, I outlined a few of them here.

Looking For The Best Online Resume Samples? I Have Online Resume Templates In MS Word For You To Download, Keep & Use!

I just updated my best selling eBook on Amazon: The Career Artisan Series, The 21st Century Resume. This is my step-by-step guidebook on how to write your own resume and perhaps the best part is that it comes with a link to download custom resume templates. I have just added and updated all the resume sample templates to serve the new grad resume – on up to the executive level resumes.

*Oh, and I am a multi-award winning and internationally certified advanced resume writer and career coach who has served on multiple judging panels and committees for our Gold Standard Association: Career Directors International.  J

Here are the templates:1. Professional Resume Sample Template: Universal format. 2 pages.

2. Professional Resume Sample Industry Change: Great for industry or function change. 1 page.

3. Professional Resume Sample Industry Transition:Good for industry transitions – bold crimson colors, great for more dynamic roles such as sales, marketing or other leadership positions. 2 pages.

4. Executive Resume Samples: Straightforward executive resume template – business blue inspires confidence and leadership. 2 or 3-pages.

5. Professional Resume Sample Career Change: Great for traditional or career change with areas to call out projects, awards or technical proficiencies. 2 pages.

6. Technical Resume Sample: Good resume for technical roles. 2 pages.

7. Executive Resume Sample: Good for those who have been with a single company for many years. 2 pages.

8. Professional Resume Sample: Well laid out with call out boxes for projects, special skills or awards. Cool blue – great for construction. 2 pages.

9. New Graduate Resume Sample: Perfect for the new graduate. 1 page.

10. Executive Resume Sample: Clean design and easy to read. 2 pages.


The best part? I have offered this book for nearly 18 months now for just $3.99 on Amazon! Grab your copy and your online templates here.



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