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Mary Elizabeth Bradford Awarded Certified Executive Resume Master Credential by Career Directors International (CDI)

Mary Elizabeth Bradford, President of maryelizabethbradford.com, (a premier online provider of executive resumes and supporting documents for C-suite executives), has been awarded an international designation as a Certified Executive Resume Master. Evaluated and awarded by the Career Directors International Board of Certification, her work demonstrates an exceptional grasp of the discrete personal and business aspirations pertaining to astute, top-tier executives.  This knowledge includes use of the appropriate keywords and competencies, position responsibilities and challenges, and effective resume presentation styles for the ‘best and the brightest’ in business.

CDI President, Laura DeCarlo, states that, “When selecting a resume writer, a job seeker should always look for an individual who is certified and who has experience working with job seekers in their industry. Selecting a skilled professional with a Certified Executive Resume Master designation is the natural choice to confidently put your career in the hands of a qualified expert who has made the effort to specialize in this highly competitive population.”

CDI is an international association that provides proactive resources and assistance to empower its members in the undertaking and application of career development, resume writing and employment practices.

maryelizabethbradford,com, a FORBES Top 100 Career Website,  creates executive resumes, LinkedIn profiles, executive biographies and online portfolios for VP and C-suite executives in the global marketplace. Founded in 2008, maryelizabethbradford.com has grown into one of the premier executive resume writing services in the US and worldwide for top tier executives who wish to transition either within their existing career fields or to another industry. Mary Elizabeth Bradford is a recognized thought leader in the resume writing industry, who has been seen and heard in major media including The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Glassdoor, MSN, Inc., and TIME. She is has been awarded 8 of the highest industry awards including 2 CDI TORI awards, and has been appointed as a top tier judge for the CDI TORI Awards both in 2017 and 2018. She is a member in good standing of multiple gold standard associations including  Forbes Coaches Council, Career Thought Leaders, Career Directors International,  The National Resume Writers Association and The Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches. Mary Elizabeth lives on a  farm in the Texas Hill Country with her husband and daughter.

Congratulations to My Colleagues for their Inclusion in the 8th Edition of Resume For Dummies

Resume For DummiesWhat an honor to be included along so many of my esteemed colleagues in Laura DeCarlo’s new 8th edition of Resumes for Dummies. Many congratulations to my fellow collaborators:

Niya Allen-VatelMeg Applegate, CPRWKimberly Robb Baker, NCRW, CJSS, CMRW, CCSTSusan Barens, MHRDJacqui Barrett Poindexter, Master Resume WriterKaren Bartell, CMRW, CERM, CPRW, CRS-ITLaurie BerensonBrenda BernsteinSkye Berry-BurkeMary Elizabeth Bradford, Executive Resumes, CARW, CERW, MCDBridget Weide BrooksPhaedra BrothertonDonald BurnsErin C. Cambier ✰ CPRWMaría de Lourdes CaraballoPaula ChristensenMarlene ColeSarah CroninDarlene M. Dassy, CEIC, CMRW, CERMJeri Hird Dutcher,Ken Docherty, CMRW, CERM, CPRW, B.A.Kelly Donovan, CPRW, CHJMCMatthew Dupee, M.Ed, MBA, MSF, CPRW, Maureen FarmerJennifer Fishberg, Ed.M., Certified Resume WriterCliff FlamerAnne Galloway (CARW)Louise GarverJill GrindleSusan GuarneriTiffany Hardy, MA, CERM, ACRW, CPRWLaura Hartnell, MA, CARWGayle HowardSandra Ingemansen, Billie Jordan, Gillian Kelly, Erin Kennedy MCD, CMRW, CERW, CPRW, CEMC, Peter Lavelle, MBA, Michelle Lopez, Natalie Joan MacLellan, Victoria McLean, Jennifer Miller, CPRW, CARW, CRS, Judith (Judy) Monaco, JD, CPRW, ACRW, Zakiyyah Mussallihullah, Sari Neudorf, Tyrone Norwood, CMRW, CPRW, Lisa Parker CERM CPRW, Marie Plett, Rachel VanderPol, Barb Poole, Audrey Prenzel, BA, BEd, CARW, CEIC, Annette Richmond, MA, CMRW, CARW, CEIC, Michelle Riklan, Eve Ruth, Barbara Safani, Posey Salem, Robin Schlinger, Certified Resume Writer, Career Coach, Cheryl Simpson, Career and Job Search Coach, Laura Smith-Proulx, Executive Resumes, CPRW, CCMC, CTTCC, Michelle Swanson, Denise Taylor MBA, C.Psychol, Adrienne Tom, Executive Resumes, Rosa Elizabeth Vargas, Kara Varner, MAOM, CARW, CPRW, CRS-MTC, Jeanette Walton, BA (Writing), Natalie Winzer, CARW, Lucie Yeomans, CPRW, CEIC, OPNS, JCTC, JCDC,

Click here to learn more and buy a copy.

Executive Resume Writing Services—Know This Before You Hire One

Executive Resume Writing Services—Know This Before You Hire One

A good Executive Resume Writing firm can help you with your career transition in multiple ways that can be truly life-changing. By writing your executive resume to the role you want, the firm can help you to achieve your goals, which may include a higher title; a move to a bigger or better company; increasing your overall compensation; or all of these and more.

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The Executive CMO Resume that Landed 15 Potential Job Interviews in 2 Weeks

The majority of our executive resume clients share that they are able to end their job searches soon after we create their executive resumes. Why? Well, there are three rules we always apply that benefit every one of our CXO clients:

  • The second rule is that we create visually stimulating and well-organized executive resumes that are easy to digest and provide fundamental context (scale, scope, and alignment) at the cursory glance.
  • And third, we frontload and highlight the metric-driven results you achieve vs. what you do (a weaker position). This clearly establishes your leadership in the minds of your reader.

In the example below, we applied these three principals for this Chief Marketing Officer of Fortune 500 Companies. We then added some rocket fuel to her existing search strategies by conducting an executive recruiter distribution for her, while introducing her to executive recruiters in her area of expertise.

CMO Executive Resume Sample

Click to view full resume.

View the full CMO executive resume sample here.

Recently this client wrote us to apprise us of her progress. In her email, she states she landed 15 solid recruiter conversations and interviews for potential opportunities. She added that she felt the branding and packaging were incredibly well-received.

I confess — marketing executives are our TOUGHEST clients because after all — we both do the same things! This makes me especially proud and pleased for this outstanding Fortune 500 executive. This serves as a good benchmark for the kinds of results that can be fluidly achieved for C-Level executives if they have these following things in place: a clear focus of direction, expertly written and designed marketing collateral, and 2 or 3 C-level job search strategies. If you want to explore these strategies, I outlined a few of them here.

A Checklist to Help You Pick the Best Executive Resume Writer For You

If you are an executive, you may be wondering if it is worth it for you to invest in having your resume professionally written. VP Resumes, CIO Resumes, COO Resumes and the like are often professionally written for a few main reasons:

  1. The time it takes you as an executive to put together your own resume and do it well is usually a driving factor. You have probably already figured out that as a multi-six-figure plus executive, it costs you money to try to develop your own marketing collateral (at your salary) vs. hiring someone knowledgeable to do it for you.
  2. There is the struggle of writing about yourself and conveying a successful career track record without feeling like you are bragging.
  3. Perhaps most important is the edge a professionally written resume (also called a leadership resume) can give you as an executive in today’s market. Many studies have been done that show a well laid out document keeps the reader on the page longer. A resume that truly has a polished and professional appearance is more attractive and better received by key decision makers; it creates excitement, establishes trust and generally garners more interest. This is very important at the top executive level where there are statistically fewer opportunities.

So, with all the resume writers out there, how does an executive decide who to work with? Below is a checklist of items you can use as you determine the best writer for you.

  • Certification. There are very good writers who are not certified, but in an unregulated industry such as career services, a certification from a top association such as Career Directors International acts as an insurance policy to you.
  • Industry Expertise. Have they written for your level, your geographic location and for your industry before? This isn’t a deal breaker if they haven’t done all three, but it is important they have at least been in the general ballpark in terms of experience.
  • Price. At the end of the day your focus should not be the price of the resume but the return on investment you stand to gain. When it comes to resume writers, this is why I always say hire the absolute best you can afford. There is often a very good reason a top career pro commands top dollar. Lower-priced writers often do high volume. Think of what you want. Is it to change industries without taking a pay cut? Is it to get a 5k raise or make $50k more a year? Jeremy, a friend of mine that I recently wrote a resume for, told me that by using it, he landed a position with a Fortune 100 energy company and tripled his salary – in just a few weeks! So to Jeremy, does it matter now if I was $1000 less or $500 more than writer X? Not one bit with returns like that. Price should be way down on your list. Your confidence that your writer can help get you where you want to go should be top priority.
  • Brownie Buttons. What other brownie buttons (as I call them) does the writer have to offer you? Certifications, inclusions in books, magazine articles and major media, as well as winning awards, are ALL excellent indications that someone is pretty good at what they do. It also indicates that person is probably a pretty good marketer. When it comes to your resume – a marketing document – having a writer who has a strong foundational understanding of marketing 101 plays very well to your success. If you like how they market themselves, they will probably know how to market you, too!

  • Resume Samples. It is very important to check out the resume samples on that writer’s website and ask for more if you need to. Do you like them? Do you resonate with them? Do you want a resume that looks very similar? You should, because that is probably what your resume will end up looking like! Of course, understanding what represents good content is foundational too, but that’s material for another article!
  • The Writer. Do you like the writer? You’d better, because that person is going to be working with you – translating intimate parts of your career and personality for you and possibly giving you guidance to help you with next steps. You have to like and trust them enough to follow their lead. Can and will you trust them enough to let them lead you? Even if the writer is a fantastic resume writer, if they rub you the wrong way or they are not a good fit for whatever reason, it is best to keep looking.
  • Job Search Support. How much does the writer know about next steps? Are they savvy enough that they can accelerate your results with additional support, coaching, services and resources above and beyond your resume and/or LinkedIn profile? It is my belief that a resume writer who understands what happens after they give you your professionally written executive resume is going to be looking through that lens when they write your resume; thus they will produce a more focused and results-producing document overall.

How to Choose an Executive Resume Writer

A very common comment from my executive level clients is that searching for career and job search help on the internet is extremely confusing.

The internet is a great place for getting questions answered and researching economic and job search trends, but it is the sheer volume of information that can tend to make a professional’s head spin.

To cut through the fat, the best thing to do when you are vetting any new service is to start by going through associations.

Please understand that career services is an unregulated industry. That means buyer beware! Going through associations allows you to compare writers and other coaching services side-by-side, and insures that you can instantly find people who take their career seriously through industry-regulated memberships and association certifications. I like Career Directors International because in my opinion, they are the career services industries gold standard. Their certifications are not inexpensive and they are difficult to obtain. Certifications must be renewed and continuing education credits submitted to “hold” the certification.

Here are some initial credentials to look for when you are reviewing a resume writer’s website:

  • They are CERTIFIED, preferably thru Career Directors International (yes there are good writers who are not, but this is like an insurance policy!).
  • They have been seen/heard/published in major media like Wall Street Journal, MSN, FORBES, etc.
  • They have won awards for their resume writing.
  • They have authored or been featured in career- or resume-related books.
  • They have been in business for at least 10 years (if you are a top executive).
  • They have expertise writing for your industry/position.

What else should you consider?

  • Look at the resume samples on their site and read the site content. Do you like and resonate with what they are saying? My personal feeling is that a writer who knows how to market themselves will probably be pretty good at marketing you too!
  • Reach out to them. Do they respond promptly? Do you like them and are you resonating with the feedback they are giving you? This is important because remember, this is a person you are entrusting with a very important project! They will be giving you advice and you must like/trust them enough to take it and implement it.
  • If they can help you with other needs you may have in your job search, such as understanding how to use social networking like LinkedIn or helping you with other job search strategies, that’s a big plus!

What about price?

The truth is that top writers are offering resume packages anywhere from $800 to $3000 on average. If you have never worked with a writer before you may feel this is “expensive.” Remember these professionals, when at the top of their game, usually spend thousands investing in industry-related continuing education. Certified resume writers are highly trained.  They can save you tons of time and frustration, and have amassed years and years of experience – this is truly priceless when you are in need of the right help and best information.

It is also important to realize that resume writing is an unusually labor intensive service that requires many hours of concentration and communication, for every project they undertake.  Most often, executives who invest in themselves via an executive resume writer or coach make that investment back many, many times over. There is no guarantee of course, but it is safe to say, that is the expected and most often achieved outcome.

Of course, I am a certified resume writer but I am sharing this in the true spirit of helping. I am not everyone’s writer – the most important thing is that YOU find the writer who is a great fit for you! Merry Christmas!

When and Why to Consider Hiring a Professional Resume Writer

resumeIf you have never invested in your career via having your resume or LinkedIn profile professionally written, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about. Sometimes it takes going down the path of applying for positions and not landing any interviews – or having a trusted college or professional recruiter tell you in confidence that it is your resume that may be holding you back – for you realize there is an actual ROI. However, more and more professionals are avoiding those uncomfortable situations by being proactive and planning their job transitions well in advance. I receive a lot of calls asking me about the value of having a resume professionally written.

The bottom line is when you retain and invest in your career, your resume writer becomes part of your professional support system, and you might be surprised by the benefits that can deliver. A really good, experienced and certified writer can:

  • Help you by properly diagnosing the core problems you might be experiencing in your job search and dispel any areas you might have misdiagnosed so you do not inadvertently sabotage yourself in your job search.
  • Help you identify your core motivations and crystallize your focus and goals.
  • Create marketing documents for you that will help you land more interviews that align with your goals.
  • Help you by stepping up the quality of your presentation which will improve potential employers perception of you and increase your value in their eyes; in other words, make you more money.
  • A good resume writer can be the strongest ally, professional sounding board, and positive support in your core circle when times of transition are most critical. A good resume writer’s baseline of perspective is very accurate.
  • It goes without saying that a professionally written resume gives you a distinct edge and advantage when working to naturally rise above your competition.

A few circumstances that come to mind when you should seriously consider investing in a professional (certified) resume writer include:

  • When you are applying for government positions and filling out “KSAs.”
  • When you are changing industries or attempting to move up in position.
  • When you have any challenges in your job search that are really concerning you.
  • When you need an edge. Generally, investing in a professionally designed resume ends up paying for itself and actually yields a bigger payoff. In many cases, having your resume professionally written is also tax deductible (check with your CPA).

If you look at my case studies here – you will see that quite often my clients write me to share they gained huge surges in income, among other benefits. Of course, every case is unique, but the odds are in your favor that this is a wise business investment in most any case.

When would it not be appropriate to retain a certified resume writer? If you really and truly don’t know what you wish to do next. A career coach is probably a better investment as they can help you identify your core skills and map out a direction.

You Don’t Need a Kindle to Read My E-Book

Hi everyone! I recently blogged that my e-book, Interview Follow Up Guide, is FREE to download on Amazon right now – until tomorrow, Tuesday the 27th. Here is the link again just in case:


I received several emails asking if one must have a kindle reading device to read this e-book and the answer is – NO!

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Need Job Interview Thank You Letter & Follow Up Help? I’ve Got it!

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Here is a blurb about the book:

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Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!

-Mary Elizabeth

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