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USA Job Openings Hit a Record High

USA job openings hit a record high in July, with many companies having a hard time finding talent.






Read the full story here:  http://www.usatoday.com/story/money/2015/09/09/jolts-report-for-july/7192866 2/

Executive Jobs: USA Companies that are Growing & Hiring

Finance, Retail, Technology and the Service Industry among the sectors that are growing and hiring right now. Links below:

Industry Growth in the News

  • EY, formerly know as Ernst & Young, is going on a hiring spree in Fairfax County Virginia is going to hire 462 people in the coming few years. Read about it here.
  • ALDI grocercy stores will be hiring 10,000 workers this year in many states. Read about it here.
  • Frontier Communications to hire 400 tech support reps in DeLand, Florida. Read about here.
  • Notions Marketing is looking to add 400 seasonal jobs in the fall in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Read about it here.

Want to know how to tap into the hidden job market to take advantage of this growth like other savvy executives?  Check out my how-to on the hidden job market here.

Growing US Industries

42-15545889US industries with growth and solid economic outlooks include transportation, construction and manufacturing to name a few! Details in this uplifting Reuters article here: Bullish US jobs, factory data brighten growth picture

CXO Jobs & Telecommuting: 15 Executive Level Job Opportunities Available Now

Telecommuting is becoming more common – even at the E and C suite levels! 75% of large companies allow it – and now there are executive job opportunities for the 100k+ executive too – allowing them to take advantage of the work/life balance that telecommuting provides.

Added to this – executives that have this flexibility generally perform better as they are allowed to self-calibrate their daily focus and balance. There is ample evidence this sharpens creativity and increases overall career satisfaction.

Sara Sutton Fell, Founder and CEO of FlexJobs states: “Director, Vice President, CFO, CEO–these job titles aren’t typically associated with remote work but they do exist.”

Read the article here:

Below are 15 executive-level telecommuting job listings and their respective industries:

1. Vice President of Research–Education
2. Director of Professional Services Operations–Computer Software
3. Senior Vice President of Global Strategic Meeting Management–Travel
4. Vice President of Capital Markets–Financial
5. Executive Director–Non-profit
6. Vice President of Consulting–Market research
7. Director of Program Management–Hospitality
8. Vice President Client Portfolio–Recruiting and Staffing
9. Customer Vice President–Consumer products
10. Director of Network Management–Healthcare
11. Director of Divisional Operations–Veterinary
12. Vice President of Finance–Technology
13. Medical Director–Healthcare
14. Director of Proposal Management–Education
15. Vice President of Academic Content Development–Publishing

BIG Company Expansions: Hiring Surges

Remember hiring at the lower levels indicate movement and opportunities at the top too! Accenture hiring 5,000 Vets over the next 5 years, Community Health Systems hiring 1,500 in Nashville and more here: http://jobs.careercloud.com/

How to Get (and Stay!) Motivated to Accomplish Your Job Search Goals

motivate-cloud2Let’s face it: Sometimes a job search can be a tiring and depressing process!

It’s one of the most challenging things we do as professionals, so it makes a lot of sense to invest in your career by gaining knowledge about how to do it right.

What is the right way? A job search should look like this:

  • It should start with a crystal clear plan, so you always know where you are going. You figure out your end game, then work backwards. This helps you to know what opportunities to take full advantage of and which ones to let go.
  • It should get you multiple high-quality interviews with companies that you like.
  • It should leads to a great offer or offers!

The more of these components you have in your job search, the more you will minimize drains in energy and enthusiasm as well as feelings of depression.

Here are several tips that help my clients get and stay motivated throughout their job search.

Hire a Career Coach or Resume Writer (or Someone Who is Both!)

You will generally get your money back or make money when you invest in an expert who is adept at taking professionals safely and smoothly through the job search maze to a successful outcome! Having a professionally written resume that clearly speaks to your market results in more interviews, bigger job offers and ensures you get the quality of position that you deserve.

As a professional resume writer and business owner, I too, have a business coach AND a mastermind group that help me to achieve my goals. It works. Try it.

Note: Make sure that you hire someone who has a professional resume and/or coaching certification through an established and trusted association such as Career Directors International or Career Management Alliance.

Create a Job Search “Schedule” and Stick to It!

You don’t want to spend your creative energies figuring out what you are going to do each day in your job search. Make it so you don’t have spend time thinking about it, but rather approach your tasks mechanically. It takes the emotion out of the process and gives you workable goals for each day.

Plan your schedule out a week in advance. Block out the times and dates and list a SINGLE MAIN GOAL for each day. This is called activity batching and it is a proven way to get more done faster. It will help you achieve super-productivity, I promise!

Your single goal for that day might be to invite X number of new connections on LinkedIn, call 10 recruiters, or conduct industry growth research. Keep it simple and automate as much activity as you can so information comes to you – not the other way around. This is easy when you use news and job alerts.

Focus on the Task

When searches get “scary” – meaning, when you find yourself in those places where you are really pushed way out of your comfort zone – it can be tempting to stop and avoid those places all together.

Examples of this include networking or calling a company decision maker for the first time. My tip: rather than focus on the fear, focus on the tasks of your day and don’t think beyond them!

Whatever happens will unfold daily. You will have very positive experiences, neutral experiences and perhaps negative experiences. It is a normal part of the search process and this simple technique will help you to keep a healthy perspective through it all.

Do What You Enjoy First

Why not concentrate on those areas you love first?

Maybe it’s research, writing or perhaps you are one of those gregarious people who enjoy and quickly see the benefits of networking. Do what you enjoy first and then do what just lightly takes you out of your comfort zone next.

Save those tasks that really push you out of your comfort zone for specific times during the week (not every day). You will find yourself more balanced and achieving more results using this common sense method.

These few tips are time-tested by over 4000 of my clients and I can tell you assuredly, they DO work!

Now is the perfect time to get motivated and move forward towards your dream job, armed with the knowledge of how to avoid many of the pitfalls so common in a job search.

Economic Growth / USA / Minerals & Metals

Minimageserals and metals drive America forward. Automobile enthusiasts have descended upon Washington for the Auto Show starting today to preview the newest models and advancements in the industry. While many will attend to preview the Chevrolet Camaro Z28 or the historic GM Futurliner No. 10, others will join policymakers to discuss important issues facing the U.S. auto sector.


Read more here:  http://thehill.com/blogs/pundits-blog/energy-environment/230402-minerals-and-metals-drive-america-forward

US Industries in Decline in 2014 – 2015

If you find yourself in one of these industries you may wish to course correct. Look at635549184642340337-176834029 similar or parallel industries to yours – that have solid long term economic growth. Use Google news alerts to track growing industries or growth within your industry of interest.


Read more here:http://www.usatoday.com/story/money/business/2014/12/23/247-wall-st-dying-thriving-industries/20185247/

50 Best Places to Work in 2015, Glassdoor’s Employees’ Choice Awards

Glassdoor has announced our seventh annual Employees’ Choice Awards, honoring the Best Places to Work across the U.S. and the UK. Winners were determined by the people who know these companies best — their employees.

Growth Industries USA

US private job growth slows, but services sector bullish


A subindex of service industry jobs showed strong growth for the sixth … The Commerce Department said the U.S. trade deficit fell 0.6 percent to $40.5 …

WRAPUP 3-US private job growth slows, but services sector bullish – Reuters


ZTE Hosts President Carter as China-US Dynamic Drives Business Growth


Shi Lirong, President of ZTE, and Cheng Lixin, Chairman of ZTE USA, … technology industries in the U.S. and China going forward,” said Mr. Cheng.


Service sector growth hits 6-year high


It gauges growth or contraction in U.S. service industries, including retail, financial services, construction and health care. In all, those areas cover …







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