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The Most Employable Cities In America

Getting a c-level job is never an easy task, no matter what city you live in. Every position you apply for is likely to have hundreds of applications and sometimes rejection after rejection can hurt your confidence. What city do you live in? Is that affecting your chances? The truth is that it’s always going to be easier to get a job in some cities over others and it’s worth checking out this infographic from Hansen & Company, taking you through cities with high levels of employment growth.

If you live near Texas, you could be in a good position to pick up a c-level job. Cities such as Plano, Texas are experiencing fantastic employment growth right now, with very healthy wages available. It may be worth checking if there are any jobs in Plano, or in any area on the list, that could be a good fit for you. Learn more in the infographic now!

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The Most Employable Cities in America

Want To Find Out Who Is Hiring In The US Right Now?

hidden-jobsCheck out Career Cloud’s latest info on companies that are moving, growing and hiring in these categories!

Here is a sneak peek:

Cal State 700 jobs in San Bernadino, California
Microsoft 400 jobs in Vancouver, Canada
Ingalls Shipyard 3000 jobs in Pascagoula, Mississippi
Tesla 6000 jobs in:


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