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Resume Tips for Changing Industries

ceoPerhaps the largest group of job seekers I help are those who wish to change industries or positions within their industry. The good news is that, although most job seekers believe they have to take a big pay cut to do it, this has been the exception and not the rule with my clients.

How did they do it? Once they determined their industry or position of choice and upgraded their resume and other marketing materials to support them, they learned how to tap into the hidden job market and go direct in order to make their move. Learning how to tap the hidden job market is by far the most valuable skill you can learn in your job search. Please see my book in this same series on this critical topic: The Career Artisan Series: The Hidden Job Market – Guide for the Perplexed.

Resume Tips for Changing Industries

  • Create a functional resume. Format your resume in a “functional” style that highlights functional strengths and transferable skills that match your new position/industry.
  • Outline quantifiable achievements in the strengths you want to highlight. Example: customer service—“increased customer satisfaction by 79%.”
  • Group keywords under a list called core competencies or key strengths. You can include areas of study that match your new industry and secondary things that might be important in your new industry like speaking more than one language or cross-cultural communications.
  • Volunteer activities: if you have been involved in volunteer or community activities that enhance or match your industry of choice, you can put that together with your academic achievements on the first page of your resume.
  • Use the indeed.com mirroring technique outlined in Chapter 1 of my book, The Career Artisan Series: The Hidden Job Market – Guide for the Perplexed, to make certain you have all the right keywords in your resume:
    • Go to indeed.com.
    • Find an example of your ideal job.
    • Highlight all the keywords and phrases you see where you match.
    • Weave those keywords throughout your resume.

Here is an example:

VP Marketing—XYZ Corporation

Summary of Position

The Vice President Marketing is responsible for the planning, development and implementation of marketing plans and activities including the identification of markets, estimations of sales volumes and profits, the pricing and margin strategies of product lines, drive strategic growth strategies and assures a consistent marketing and communication approach across business units.

The position requires an understanding of global markets, latest electronics industries technology trends, and competitive market strategies. To be successful in this role, the candidate must have a solid understanding of our (or similar) Electronic, Electrical and Transportation product and the global routes to market.

The success of the position is measured by increased sales penetration into existing accounts, by sales growth with new customers and markets as well as leading our marketing strategy and strategic growth initiatives across all business units.

Principal Accountabilities

  • Lead strategic development of marketing strategies that develops and implements plans and activities including identification of market, estimates of sales volume and profits; and pricing and margin strategies for specific products to establish, enhance or distinguish product placement within our markets.
  • Lead growth and emerging market initiatives leveraging direct and dotted line resources. Own and report on pro-forma P&Ls on key initiatives.
  • Utilizes market research, monitors competitive activity, trends and selling strategies and identifies customer needs. Works with engineering, manufacturing, sales and outbound marketing to develop new products or enhance existing product(s) based on internal and external needs and capabilities, including market size, user needs and available technology.
  • Recruit, develop and motivate a skilled Marketing and Product Management team capable of growing the business significantly in the years ahead.
  • Lead or direct implementation of tactics and resources necessary to achieve Product Management and Marketing Communication objectives, including advertising, media, public relations, trade shows, web presence, e-marketing.
  • Develops portfolio business plans, strategies and product positioning for strategic growth initiatives. Responsible for coordination of product/program development, including financial, market and technical justification for product selection and definitions.
  • Perform financial justification of new products; help establish and manage pricing policy for the full product line, working with Finance to meet the organization’s financial goals.
  • Lead the Company’s efforts to acquire & analyze customer and market data to understand our customers’ requirements and our competitors’ activities, and steer our organization and marketing efforts accordingly.

When and Why to Consider Hiring a Professional Resume Writer

resumeIf you have never invested in your career via having your resume or LinkedIn profile professionally written, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about. Sometimes it takes going down the path of applying for positions and not landing any interviews – or having a trusted college or professional recruiter tell you in confidence that it is your resume that may be holding you back – for you realize there is an actual ROI. However, more and more professionals are avoiding those uncomfortable situations by being proactive and planning their job transitions well in advance. I receive a lot of calls asking me about the value of having a resume professionally written.

The bottom line is when you retain and invest in your career, your resume writer becomes part of your professional support system, and you might be surprised by the benefits that can deliver. A really good, experienced and certified writer can:

  • Help you by properly diagnosing the core problems you might be experiencing in your job search and dispel any areas you might have misdiagnosed so you do not inadvertently sabotage yourself in your job search.
  • Help you identify your core motivations and crystallize your focus and goals.
  • Create marketing documents for you that will help you land more interviews that align with your goals.
  • Help you by stepping up the quality of your presentation which will improve potential employers perception of you and increase your value in their eyes; in other words, make you more money.
  • A good resume writer can be the strongest ally, professional sounding board, and positive support in your core circle when times of transition are most critical. A good resume writer’s baseline of perspective is very accurate.
  • It goes without saying that a professionally written resume gives you a distinct edge and advantage when working to naturally rise above your competition.

A few circumstances that come to mind when you should seriously consider investing in a professional (certified) resume writer include:

  • When you are applying for government positions and filling out “KSAs.”
  • When you are changing industries or attempting to move up in position.
  • When you have any challenges in your job search that are really concerning you.
  • When you need an edge. Generally, investing in a professionally designed resume ends up paying for itself and actually yields a bigger payoff. In many cases, having your resume professionally written is also tax deductible (check with your CPA).

If you look at my case studies here – you will see that quite often my clients write me to share they gained huge surges in income, among other benefits. Of course, every case is unique, but the odds are in your favor that this is a wise business investment in most any case.

When would it not be appropriate to retain a certified resume writer? If you really and truly don’t know what you wish to do next. A career coach is probably a better investment as they can help you identify your core skills and map out a direction.

Career Change & Your Resume – Wall Street Journal FINS

Just wanted to share this article on FINS about resumes for career changers. I was quoted as well as several other industry professionals. (thanks WSJ!)

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