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Job Leads April 2017

Hiring continues across the US in media, entertainment, technology, alternative energy, and transportation (to name a few).


A full list of companies in the news who are expanding and hiring here:


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Here is a sneak peek:

Cal State 700 jobs in San Bernadino, California
Microsoft 400 jobs in Vancouver, Canada
Ingalls Shipyard 3000 jobs in Pascagoula, Mississippi
Tesla 6000 jobs in:


Private job growth robust in Texas

From the Houston Business Journal

Date: Wednesday, August 3, 2011, 2:36pm CDT

Texas added 251,900 jobs in the private sector for the year ending in June, said the Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University.

Texas’ 3 percent growth rate beats the nation’s rate of 1.7 percent.

Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown metro area posted an annual employment growth rate of 2 percent for the period and ranked ninth among Texas metro areas.

Texas’ mining and logging sector ranked first in job creation, posting an annual employment growth rate of 16.8 percent and the construction industry was second with 30,900 new jobs with a 5.4 percent growth rate.

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Texas employers add 19,100 jobs during Nov.

Here is an enouraging article from the Daily Tribune:

MONDAY DECEMBER 27, 2010 Last modified: Tuesday, December 21, 2010 11:35 AM CST

Texas employers add 19,100 jobs during Nov.

AUSTIN – Texas total nonfarm employment was up by 19,100 jobs in November, representing the addition of 192,100 jobs in the last year. The Texas unemployment rate rose slightly to 8.2 percent in November and continued to trend well below the U.S. unemployment rate for November at 9.8 percent.

The Texas unemployment rate has ranged between 8.1 and 8.3 percent during 2010.

“Texas employers have added jobs in eight of the last 12 months, setting the pace for the rest of the nation,” said Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) Chairman Tom Pauken. “Most industries recorded positive growth over the year.”

Professional and Business Services increased by 5,600 jobs in November, adding 61,200 positions from a year ago. Leisure and Hospitality employment increased by 4,700 positions in November for a total job gain of 19,100 jobs since November 2009.

“Consistent job growth over the past year offers employment opportunities for Texas workers,” said TWC Commissioner Representing Labor Ronny Congleton. “Staff at TWC and the 240 workforce centers across the state are committed to assisting those job seekers who remain unemployed.”

Employment in Education and Health Services increased by 4,300 jobs in November with a total of 47,900 jobs added in this industry since November 2009. Financial Activities employment increased by 2,000 jobs in November, adding 5,900 jobs over the year.

In November, Information employment increased by 1,700 jobs; Construction added 1,000 jobs; and Mining and Logging grew by 300 positions.

“Recent job growth has spurred an increase in the Texas labor force which has continued to expand for the third consecutive month, currently at 12.2 million workers,” said TWC Commissioner Representing the Public Andres Alcantar. “Job seekers should take advantage of the many services available at no-cost from their local workforce development boards across the state.”

The Midland Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) had the lowest November unemployment rate in the state at 5.3 percent. The Amarillo MSA had the second lowest unemployment rate in November at 5.7 percent, followed by the Lubbock MSA at 6.1 percent (not seasonally adjusted).

Tap The Hidden Job Market: Job Growth In Texas – Update

This just in….

I got a tip from my friend Mark Hovind, President of Jobbait.com. Here is what he shared with me:  Texas added more new jobs in the last 12 months than the next 5 highest states combined. Check out the graph below. 🙂

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2. research companies that match your career goals within those industries

3. learn techniques to connect with the key decision makers within those companies directly

4. support your efforts through networking via related associations where you can personally and virtually “meet” key decision makers through association portals

5. if you need to add another strategic layer to your job search efforts – you can send out your resume to recruiters specializing in your industry. Please connect with me via email if you are interested in this service – we have an absolutely outstanding email distribution with an average of 2500 matching recruiters per distribution! I don’t advocate recruiters as your primary strategy simply because I have seen g0-direct techniques done right yield you tons more interest, interviews and offers.

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Economist: Texas strong in weak U.S. economy

Conservative roots have left the Texas economy relatively robust in the wake of the American recession of 2008, according to a report presented to East Texas leaders Friday at UT Tyler.

Tech is bouncing back in Austin and DFW.

Read the entire article here.

Austin job market keeps growing


The Austin area continued to add jobs last month, with a 2.5 percent growth rate compared with last year.

The Texas Workforce Commission reported Friday that Central Texas gained 18,700 jobs from August 2009 to last month, for a total of 769,200 jobs.

Read the full article here: http://www.statesman.com/business/austin-job-market-keeps-growing-923316.html

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I just decided to host a call this Saturday morning (yes…tomorrow!)titled:

Secrets to a Wildly Successful Job Search for High Five-, Six-(and even Seven-) Figure Professionals

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But I want to give you (at no cost) some amazing tips and resources to help you get much faster and far better results in your job search.

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Recruiter looking for top sales talent in Texas

I am a big advocate of sidestepping the middleman and going direct –

however I am not completely opposed to employing various methods to secure multiple interviews.

One of my linkedin contacts, a senior corporate recruiter, just emailed me to share the following:

…we are hiring top sales talent throughout Texas.  If you or anyone you know is looking, please feel free to contact me or share my contact information. 

 For any sales executives interested in positions in Texas, please contact Jennifer (contact info below) and feel free to share that you heard about her through my blog post.

Jennifer Bush

KFORCE – Internal Staffing

Sr. Lead Corporate Recruiter

Texas Direct: 972.383.6123


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