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Strategies for 21st Century Job Search

Want to know what is working in todays job market?

TotalPicture Radio

It was exciting to be interviewed last week by Peter Clayton of TotalPicture Radio on my Career Artisan Series of e-books available on Amazon. Click here to listen to a 3-minute promo of the interview (mp3 download).

If you want to listen to the full 30-minute interview, I share a lot of tips and tricks to succeed in today’s job market: Click here to listen to my 30-minute podcast on totalpictureradio.com.

Want the inside scoop on strategies for a 21st Century job search?

CLICK HERE >> LISTEN TO a 3-minute excerpt of Mary Elizabeth on TotalPicture Radio (mp3 download).

View the full interview at: http://bit.ly/YPccPO

Total Picture Radio Interview with Peter Clayton. Topic: Recession-Busting Job Search Techniques



 was interviewed by Peter Clayton of Total Picture Radio yesterday on Recession-Busting Job Search Techniques. It was a great discussion and we covered several hot topics including:

·     What industries are hiring

·     Two powerful strategies to quickly and easily get in front of hiring managers

·     How to get past gatekeepers when making follow up phone calls

·     What to say if the hiring manager says “Were not hiring right now”

·     What most people leave out of their resumes that are must-haves

·     How many pages a resume should be and the difference between chronological and functional styles

·     Vital tips to compete in todays job market

Listen to the 20 minute interview here:





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