Wondering if you should hire a career coach? How about a “virtual career coach?” These are coaches that are trained to help you “virtually” – meaning you don’t have to get in a car or hop on a plane for them to help you! Here are seven benefits you stand to gain from hiring one:



Benefit One: Virtual Consulting WORKS!

You receive coaching via phone and information either through e mail or hard mail. Resumes, career assessment tests and custom coaching guidance is easily delivered through these mediums.


Benefit Two: It’s Super Easy and Convenient

You simply cannot beat having instant resources and support delivered to you– in the comfort of your home or office!


Benefit Three: It Saves You Time

Get the information – right when you need it!


Benefit Four: It’s Flexible

You gain your coaches expert advice, motivation, tools and resources consistently – no matter where you are or where you relocate to! No need to find another career coach you can trust if you move!


Benefit Five: It’s Affordable:

Most executives gain distinct career advantages in the form of meeting their professional goals including salary goals and securing key positions as a direct result of the help they gained through a modest investment in themselves (i.e. hiring a career coach, resume writer or marketer) Working “virtually” yields a tremendous value and immediate help. Additionally, career services are often tax deductible – though you will want to check with your CPA on this!


Benefit Six: Nationwide and Industry Expertise

Most “virtual” coaches have loads of experience virtually in all areas of the Nation and in a multiplicity of industries.


Benefit Seven: It’s GREEN!

You are using a limited amount of natural resources through hiring a “virtual” coach!