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  • This information is very powerful and can greatly accelerate and drive the overall efficiency and success of your transition.


The C-Suite Job Transition Kit Includes:


Retained Recruiter Contacts


The top 25 retained global executive search firms with detailed contact information. Let ALL the top retained search firms know you are open to vetting new opportunities quickly and easily.


Largest Private Equity Firm Contacts


Interested in an interim CXO role or companies that are being reorganized? This is a list of 25 of the top Private Equity firms with full contact details. Key contacts in these firms often know of non-advertised job and consulting opportunities for executives.


Short, Potent, Instantly Accessible Tips and Strategies Covering the Most Important C-Suite Job Search Topics


Executive Networking Secrets


CxOs can’t ask their associates to pass around their resume. Learn how other CxOs set up their network for successful exchanges and opportunities. This audio comes with written scripts to save you time.


How to Optimize LinkedIn to Pull Career Opportunities to You


Do you know how to use LinkedIn to maximize your opportunities? Do you realize the power of growing your audience strategically and how to do it? Do you understand how keyword optimization works? This program takes you step by step through setting up your profile and optimizing it for success.


Working with Executive Recruiters


Understand how to approach recruiters, what information to give them, and how to “help them help you.” Mary Elizabeth Bradford ran a successful boutique recruiting firm for 7 years and gives an insider’s look at how to work with recruiters for maximum success.


The Secrets to Interviewing and Negotiating


The way you talk about compensation in an interview is one of the most powerful moments that can literally make or break what happens next. Learn how to discuss compensation in a way that quickly engenders trust in your leadership abilities. The beginning and end of any interview are the most memorable markers of the meeting – learn how to maximize that.


This and many other CxO topics are covered in this 2-part audio series.


Executive Strategies for Tapping into the Hidden Job Market


Many executives approach PE firms and or companies directly to begin conversations that lead to interviews for top roles. Want to know how they do it? Find out how easy it is to cherry-pick your opportunities in a geographical area, area of industry expertise, or both. This step-by-step audio leaves nothing to figure out. Each step has been tested, fine-tuned, and is clear and easy to understand and apply.


Why and How to Establish Thought Leadership in Your Industry


Thought leadership is known as one of the most under-utilized tools of executives at the top of their game and industry. Learn the mindset, the branding, and strategies for positioning yourself as a thought leader. This leads to more opportunities and easier, more fruitful conversations. Several techniques and many ideas and tips are covered in detail.


Tip Sheets, Reports & How-To Strategies


Executive Job Search Strategies – Step-by-Step Instructions & Detail


This potent report covers the main C-suite transition strategies that yield the most success and industry leverage. Includes time investment and step-by-step instructions.


Letter Templates, Email Templates & Phone Scripts


What to say on LinkedIn. How to approach your network, how to maximize your conversations with HR, and even how to conduct a CxO first introduction. What to say if a conversation is going south. This is a fun read covering multiple case scenarios that all came from actual events. These strategies are time-tested and refined and will save you both time and frustration as well as boost your confidence.


Executive Job Search Quick Reference Etiquette Tips


Do you answer the phone? What job search strategies work best? What kind of stationery should you use? A few of these might surprise you. They are all geared to the C-suite.


Multiple Link Resources for High-Level Salary Negotiations


Are you looking for guides on executive compensation? Negotiating at the C-level? Information on 7-figure earners (and associated industries)? It’s all here.


SPECIAL REPORT: All About Board Roles and How to Get Board Nominations


This detailed report covers types of boards, how to draw out your best board skills, and how to get your first board nomination. This is a really nice report that will give you the knowledge you will need prior to pursuing your first (or more) board nominations and appointments.


Links to Resources and News For:


  • Conducting quick, effective company research
  • C-Suite Job Boards
  • IPOs
  • Startups
  • Distressed Companies
  • Mid-Market Companies
  • Private Equity Firms


Links to Resources and News For:


  • CEOs
  • COOs
  • CFOs
  • CDOs
  • CISOs
  • CAOs
  • Executive Directors


Everything in this kit has been created to support the multi-six and seven-figure earner. It is not an overwhelming amount of information but is lean by design for ease of reference and it is all yours to keep in your online business resource library. Enjoy and I wish you every success.

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